About Me

Kym Calloway

Professional Organizer

I LOVE creating functional and beautiful spaces for my clients. Giving items a home & developing clutter solutions is a skill that I’m so thankful I possess. My goal is to help everyone I know eliminate clutter, get organized, and stay organized.

I started my career in the IT Field back in 1993 and I love it but I didn’t love the politics of Corporate America. Soon 2006….. I decided to lake a leap of faith and start doing what I loved and started my professional Organizing career.  I’ve been professionally organizing for over 12 years now and  I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.  It’s nice to see the response & appreciation people have when you help them organize their life, stuff and or mind.

 It’s a skill I’ve developed into a lifestyle. At first owning and running my own business was great but it was a lot of work for any one person and required me to put in very long hours. Being newly married with a young child I knew I could’nt work like that to long.  I didn’t want to neglect my family. So I decided to start contracting with my current company Get Organized! This worked out so much better because I now have a team of ladies to handle the Administrative,  Accounting, Marketing & Logistics of running a small business.

Fast forward to 2017 ….Im continuously looking for ways to organize everything. It’s truly a way of life for me. Organization makes me happy but most importantly it makes life a lot easier.  To NOT live in “Rush Mode” all the time is a great way to live. You have less stress and you save yourself lot’s money. It’s kinda like life being on auto pilot and you just have to monitor & maintain the systems in place and adjust when necessary.

I work with Families, Celebrities, Executives, Pilots, Chef’s Dr.’s, lawyers you name it I’ve worked with them. These experiences have educated me in some way or another every time I help someone. I create systems & setup space to maximum function & efficiency for each individual on a case by case basis.  I absolutely enjoy assisting my clients with clearing the clutter.


Interesting fact about me: I survived a tornado.

On April 3, 2012, our home took a direct hit from a F-2 tornado. I thank GOD my daughter was at school and didn’t have to experience that tramatic event. This was an event that truly changed my life. When all was said and done… our home was destroyed by that storm.
We opted to start fresh with rebuilding our entire home & life, literally from the ground up.

This experience places me in a very unique and gifted position to not only help my clients plan and organize their lives, but to also include a sense of preparedness when organizing in their homes. Usually I think of & consider things differently from someone who hasn’t lived through what I have lived through. My clients tell me they value my unique perspective when planning spaces.



Here is the video footage taken by my husband the day of the event. Part 1

Part 2 After the Hit 





We were hiding in a closet behind the wall where the red arrow is. What your seeing is half of the house being taken away by the direct hit. Notice all the brick on the ground.




Front half of the house is completely gone

This side of the house was in tact but leaning severely. I probably could have pushed it down.

 This is the day I had the house knocked completely down.the last thing to go was my fireplace.

This storm has Eighteen Wheelere trucks frying in the air. April 3, 2012…. I will never forget this day.



Here I am in the pink, my husband in the white & sister n law in the red…. but everyone else were volunteers that came to our rescue to help us salvage what we could. These people looked like angels coming through the door. I didn’t expect them but boy was I glad to see them. Our home was torn apart in 30 seconds. That was 30 seconds I will never ever forget.


Part 1 Before we were hit

Part 2 After we were hit

Footage of the tornado.

More photos here