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I LOVE creating functional and beautiful spaces for my clients. Giving items a home & developing organizing systemsI a skill that Im so thankful I possess. My goal is to help everyone I know eliminate clutter, getting organized, and stay organized. I love what I do and left the technology fiend to become a full timeProfessional Organizer back in 2006. Wow was that the best thing I could have ever done.

Fast forward to 2017 ….Im continuously looking for ways to organize everything…. seriously…. Organization makes me happy but most importantly it makes life a lot easier.    To NOT live in ” Rush Mode” all the time is a great way to live. You have less stress and you save money. It’s kinda like life being on auto pilot and you just have to monitor & maintain the systems in place.

I’m able to assist families and businesses with purging & organizing their clutter. The process of becoming organized has become so much easier these days.

  1. I make the plans
  2. Client approves
  3. I email Shopping list
  4. Client orders supplies from Amazon 
  5. Organizing ProductsKym%20Calloway-BBMicroPortrait About Me are delivered to their door.

Talk about efficiency…. just click order & ship.


Why I believe this is my calling

Kym%20Calloway-BBMicroPortrait About Me

On April 3, 2012, our home was hit by an F-2 tornado. While we were there. When all was said and done… our home was destroyed by the storm
So we tore down what was left and  started rebuilding our life (home) literally from the ground up.

This experience places me in a very unique and gifted position of not only helping my clients plan and organize their home, but to also include a sense of preparedness when organizing in their home. Usually I think of & consider things differently from someone who hasn’t lived through what I have lived through. My clients tend to value my unique perspective when planning spaces.

I would love to keep in touch with you. Please don’t hesitate to send me your comments.



Kym%20Calloway-BBMicroPortrait About Me

Living an organized life

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