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I’m starting a Paleo lifestyle…….

I’m tired of feeling bad, so I’m starting a Paleo lifestyle

I am now 43 years of age and I truly understand that I have to do better when it comes too my health. I’m one of those people who does not get enjoyment out of working out. For me its just no fun. I cannot cling to or focus on the fact that I will ” Have more energy later” or ” look & feel great in the end”.  Because of all the pain I’m going through just to get this new routine started.

Like my father, I am a person who is always busy. I getting up everyday and do “stuff”. I don’t just sit around on the couch all day working the remote. Usually I’m constantly moving. I work on my organizing projects around the house in between sitting at my desk for a few hours at a time. This way Im not sitting all day long.

In effort to live a totally natural lifestyle I’m changing a lot of the habits we have… especially our habits around food. I usually shop at Costco or Sam’s Club. I do this because buying in bulk is cheaper. I ran across a cook book that I am so interested in. I’ve already ordered this cookbook and I anticipate it’s arrival….

Quick Paleo recipes made in 30 minutes of less

I received this book The Fat Burning Kitchen for free… I only paid for shipping….

I figure as long as I move about on a regular basis and eat healthy, I should live a long healthy life. Our new Paleo Lifestyle is going to help tremendously. Not eating processed foods make all the difference in the world in how we feel. Personally I do not feel my best. I’m quite sure it’s due to my eating habits.

If you will notice I say start a Paleo lifestyle…. and not start a Paleo diet. I learned long ago that “diets” do not work…. to me diets are like medicine. They are nothing more than temporary band aids for a problem.  I don’t want a temporary fix. I want a permanent solution.  I want to eat tasty, healthy meals on a daily basis. Really…..how much is that to ask. Once I receive my new cook books I’ll keep you posted on our progress. Feel free to order your own copy and keep in touch and let me know what you think. We can be each others accountability partner. I know I’ll need one… 🙂 How about you?

Quick Paleo recipes made in 30 minutes of less




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