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Here are some of my favorite products that are NOT organization related. 
It’s just a bunch of other stuff I like Lol!!! 🙂


TreSemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner works so well on my natural hair…. I was seriously impressed. I detangled in the shower in less than 2-3 minutes…. It’s like it melted the tangles away.


TreSemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo Marula Oil 


TreSemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner with Marula Oil 



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I enrolled Alyssa my 14yr old daughter into Barbizon School of modeling. I didn’t pay for her to go to this school to become a model or to be in commercials. It was more so for self improvement and or etiquette. It only took a couple of classes before I noticed things about her that were clearly improvements of her prior self. She seemed to be a little more mature in a good way. Little did I know how much she would learn, develop and grow. Not to mention… It kept her busy doing positive self improving things and I was “great” with that. This training is about $2,500.00 USD and I believe it is worth every penny.

A little before Alyssa completed the Barbizon School training she was selected by a scout at Barbizon Modeling to participate in the PassPort To Discovery Cruise. This is where Talent Scouts look for talented kids for commercials, tv shows, modeling and or acting opportunities. After deciding that myself and my mother would go with Alyssa I started planning our schedule.

We flew to Tampa Florida and then was picked up by Barbizon Charter Buses & was transported to the port. We checked in at the Carnival Port & boarded the ship. From this point on it was un in the sun. Below are some photos from our trip. I absolutely enjoyed myself to pieces and will be cruising at least every two years. I don’t think I could stretch it any longer that since I have experienced the total disconnect you get from everyday Life, Work, News, Social Media all the things that bring us stress.

If your thinking about putting your child into Barbizon School of Modeling. I would say ” Go For It!”

For those with the excuse ” I cant afford that”. I say to you… “You figure out how to pay for everything else you want, figure this one out to“.

Good Luck!


Im going toder this Glow in the dark led car charger. I’ll let you all know what I think after using it for a while.

Artmarry 5pcs Glow in the Dark Light-up LED USB Data Sync Charger Cable Charging Cord for Iphone 5 5C 5S 6S 6 Plus 7 7 Plus








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